Pascha Sunday Creative Projects

This page is part of our Holy Week Creative Projects series.

Free Lesson Plan and Extra Activities

We have created a comprehensive lesson plan containing material that you can use together with the projects on this page to explore the celebrated themes more fully. Please visit our web page Four Icons for Pascha.

Social distancing Pascha egg-cracking!

We originally created these projects during the COVID-19 crisis, when we were forced to spend the first-ever Pascha at home. Natalie’s then 13-year-old son helped create a simple online application as a social-distancing version of the custom of cracking Pascha eggs, which we used with family, friends, and with our Sunday School classes to “crack” the eggs while on a video call.


  • Set up a video chat with relatives and friends.
  • Share your screen so everyone sees the game.
  • Ask two people to choose one egg each. They will not click on the eggs, only tell you which egg they want.
  • Hit the button to see whose egg will crack!

Flower-framed Resurrection icon

Icon by Athanasios Clark, Used with permission from the Department of Religious Education, Greek Orthodox Church in America.

This project may look complicated, but it is actually pretty simple. The flower-making is done in batches and if you make large flowers, then you don’t need to make that many. They are taped on the frame using Scotch tape (or glue dots if you have them), so there is no need to wait for any glue to dry – and there is also no mess!

You will need:

  • A printout of the Resurrection icon from our printable packet above
  • A large piece of poster board or cardboard (a leftover cardboard box piece can be used too)
  • Tissue paper (or even paper napkins if tissue paper is unavailable) to make the flowers

How to make the flowers

Make the flower petal circles

Start with a full sheet of tissue paper. You can stack a few sheets of tissue paper together to make more flowers at the same time. First fold the paper in half. Then fold in half again.

Fold the bottom corner up diagonally to make a triangle. Depending on the original size of your paper, there may or may not be a rectangle protruding at the top edge of the triangle. If there is a rectangle, cut it off so that only the triangle remains.

Fold the triangle in half to make a smaller triangle. Fold in half one more time.

Hold the triangle from the corner and cut off a scalloped design on the free edge.

Unfold the triangle, and your flower petal circles are ready.

Make the leaves

Start with a full sheet of tissue paper. You can stack a few sheets of tissue paper together to make more leaves at the same time. Fold the paper a few times. Hold the folded paper firmly and cut out the leaves all at once.

Assemble the flowers

Take one or two flower petal circles. Loosely fold in half, then in half again.

Place one or two leaves between the flower petals.

Twist and crimp the paper at the corner to hold everything in place. Open up the petals pressing down at the center with your fingers and your flower is ready!

How to make the icon

The size of the poster board or cardboard has to be larger than the icon, so when the icon is placed on it, there is a generous frame all around. Glue the icon on the poster board or cardboard. Then tape the flowers on the frame. Ready!

Paper Pascha candles

You will need:

  • Printouts from our printable packet above. High-quality printer paper looks better, but plain paper also works.
  • Narrow pieces of white paper. If you have paper that is sturdier than plain paper, it will work better – but plain paper works too. We used a 4.5 x 12 inch strip of craft paper.
  • Scissors and Scotch tape.
  • Ribbons, and/or religious-themed stickers, and/or crosses cut out of paper, and/or other decorations.

Roll the white paper into a thin roll and tape closed. Cut decorations out of the printouts. Decorate the “candle” in any way you like. With the scissors, snap two slits on the top part of the candle. Slide the flame circle into the two slits. Ready!