Craft: 3D Nativity Scene




Make a 3D Nativity scene based on the icon



download_3d_baseDOWNLOAD BASE

download_3d_figuresDOWNLOAD FIGURES
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You will need:


  • Our free printables: BASE and FIGURES
  • Color printer.
  • Printer paper: You can do the whole project using only plain printer paper. However, the result is much better if you use a premium printer paper for the figures. We used Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper Matte.
  • Air-dry modeling clay. If unavailable, this can be replaced with playdough or salt dough.
  • Large piece of poster board, preferably brown, but any color will work – it doesn’t show that much in the end.
  • One standard-size paper cup.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue stick.
  • Small piece of sewing thread.

What to do:


  • Print out the templates for the BASE on plain printer paper.
  • Trim one of the semi-circles on the straight side.
  • Glue the semi-circles side by side on the poster board, making a full circle. Cut the circle out.
  • Cut the circle along the line to make a spiral shape.


base2Glue the other circle on poster board and cut it out.


Cut the cup template.

Glue it on the paper cup to cover it all around.



Print out the figures from the FIGURES template. If available, use premium printer paper.


Cut out the mountain, star and star strip. If you are using plain printer paper, glue the mountain on a piece of the remaining poster board. Otherwise, leave it as is. Fold the white strip along the two horizontal lines.

mountainGlue one end of the strip on the back of the mounain (top edge) and the other on the back of the star, as pictured.

Cut the rest of the figures out.

Now it’s time to prepare the bases for the figures. Make small balls out of the modeling clay, about 1 inch in diameter. Use a piece of thread to make a slit on top of each ball. Insert the figures in the slits as pictured in the example photos below.


Let the bases dry for a little while. If, when using plain paper, you see that some of the larger figures are not standing up properly, either glue a piece of poster board on the back to make them sturdier or laminate them. Make small adjustments to the bases with your fingers if needed, to make all the figures stand up well.

You are now ready to assemble your 3D construction!

  • Place the smaller circle on the surface where you will be setting up your construction.
  • Place the cup in the center of the circle.
  • Place the spiral on top of the cup as pictured.
  • Position the figures around and on top of the mountain.


Scrapbooking paper used in the illustrations: 

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