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Working on Orthodox Pebbles has been an amazing blessing for us. Our plan is to keep creating high-quality, FREE, online Orthodox Christian educational resources for young children, adding a new topic to our digital content about once a month during the school season – an endeavor that requires a significant time investment, and expenses for software, art supplies and web hosting. If you are finding our content useful, feel it is worthy enough not to be used for free, and you are able to, please consider supporting our work.

As Orthodox Pebbles is a religious education project, our mission from the start has been to offer our resources free of charge to the whole Orthodox Christian community so that everyone, including people who cannot afford to pay for them, can use them. We have also decided to keep our website forever advertisement-free, as we feel that, given its religious focus, it would be inappropriate to commercialize it in that way. We have been hoping that, as our resources become known and used, people who enjoy them and can afford it will choose, on their own accord, to support us for the quality of the material and for the work we are putting into it. We are sincerely grateful for your contribution.

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continuous_support_buttonAt, you can pledge to offer us a small contribution every time we create new content. When you become our patron, and depending on your pledge tier, we will send you a little gift as a token of our appreciation.



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Visit our SHOP, where we are offering educational items for the Orthodox classroom and home designed by Natalie Tzobanakis, the creator and owner of Orthodox Pebbles.