You can browse our material by season to find something appropriate for a specific time of the year. Some resources may be relevant for more than one seasons. Our spring material is listed below, arranged in order according to the ecclesiastical calendar.

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TRIODION – February/March

Triodion Parables: Fabric Learning Set

A soft fleecy fabric set to help teach young children the parables of the Publican and the Pharisee and of the Prodigal Son in a hands-on way.

The Parable of the Publican and the Pharisee

Resources for teaching the parable in an Orthodox-focused way.

The Parable of the Prodigal Son

Animation, printables and background to help teach the parable.


GREAT LENT – February/March/April

Great Lent, the Holy

All you need to teach young children about Great Lent.


Lady Lent wall hanging calendar

Our very first physical – not digital – product: a Lady Lent hanging calendar made out of fleece fabric, to help count down the weeks from Clean Monday to Pascha.


All about icons – First Sunday of Great Lent

Animation video and activities for teaching about holy icons.


Holy icon crafts

A selection of icon crafts to combine Orthodox catechism with Byzantine art appreciation.


Orthodox fasting

Background and printables on Orthodox fasting.


Veneration of the Cross – Third Sunday of Great Lent

Printables and activities to coordinate with Week 4 of Great Lent at the blog Tending the Garden of our Hearts.


Prayer and St. Gregory Palamas – Fourth Sunday of Great Lent

Activities to help teach about the different types of prayer and about St. Gregory Palamas

The Annunciation of the Theotokos – March 25

Activities to help teach the feast of the Annunciation of the Theotokos – includes a variety on interactive online acivities!

The Meeting of our Lord/Annunciation: Fabric Learning Set

A hands-on teaching resource made out of soft fleece fabric to help teach about two Great Feasts that are celebrated one after the other: The Meeting of our Lord and the Annunciation of the Theotokos.

Repentance and temptation – Great Lent week 6

Printables and activities to coordinate with Week 6 of Great Lent at the blog Tending the Garden of our Hearts.


The Raising of Lazarus

A lesson plan on the Raising of Lazarus.


HOLY WEEK – usually April

HOLY WEEK: Teaching resources

A comprehensive list of teaching resources to help explore the Orthodox Holy Week.

HOLY WEEK: Creative projects

A collection of creative activities to help teach about Holy Week.

PASCHA – usually April

Four icons for Pascha

A lesson plan using four icons in sequence to teach about Pascha.


Pascha fabric learning sets

Soft fabric learning sets to help teach young ones about Pascha. Can also be used as a quiet activity during the long Pascha services.


The Gospels and the four Evangelists

Extensive material on the Gospels and all four of the Evangelists.


Holy Cross resources

Material to teach about St Helen finding our Lord’s Cross.



Theotokos Mother’s Day activities

Activities to help celebrate Mother’s Day in an Orthodox-focused way.


PENTECOST – May or June

Holy Pentecost

Resources for teaching about the feast of the Holy Pentecost.