Mother’s Day Wreath

On Mother’s Day, we feel that it is most appropriate to teach about the Theotokos – the greatest mother of all! On this page, we are offering a new craft idea for this special day, that can be created by the children as a gift for Mom. However, there is also older teaching material related to this topic available on our website, and we encourage you to explore it.

Additional teaching resources

We have created a whole page with Mother’s Day teaching material related to the Theotokos. Kindly visit the link below.

Making a Theotokos flower wreath

You will need:

  • A print-out of our printable Theotokos image – click on the button above to download it.
  • A paper plate – a large one works nicely.
  • Colored paper strips, about 0.5″x 6″. Scrapbooking paper was used in the example, but any colored paper will do, including gift-wrap paper.
  • Colored paper circles, about 1 inch in diameter. A scalloped paper punch was used for the circles in the photo, but you can just cut circles out using scissors.
  • Green paper leaves (optional). This is a very simple shape that can be cut without even drawing it on the paper first.
  • A piece of ribbon or string for hanging.
  • Scissors, glue or double-sided tape, stapler.

How to prepare the craft:

  • Staple the string or ribbon onto the plate, forming a loop for hanging.
  • Cut out the Theotokos circle and glue it on the center of the plate.
  • Prepare the flowers. You need about 8-10 flowers for one wreath, depending on the diameter of the plate. To make one flower, you need three paper strips. First, fold both edges of each strip toward the middle as shown in the photo above, and secure them in place with a little glue. Do the same for the other two strips. Glue the three folded strips together at the middle, placing each strip at an angle. Glue a colored circle in the center of the resulting flower shape.
  • Glue flowers and, optionally, leaves all around the rim of the paper plate.