DIY Lady Lent wall hanging calendar

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Our fabric learning sets were originally developed in collaboration with St. Tabitha’s Workshop, an online fabric and fabric item store specializing in Orthodox Christian products.

What do you mean by “DIY”?

The set comes as one 18′′ x 29′′ piece of soft fleece fabric. The finished set can be made very easily by cutting out the pieces. An optional storage pocket is included, which can be sewn or glued. We are offering detailed tutorials for making each finished set as well as exclusive printable activities for a rich religious education experience.

This product was originally created in collaboration with St. Tabitha’s Workshop, an online store specializing in Orthodox-themed fabric items.

Special thanks to Christina Romas – Connant, for giving us permission to use her poem “Easter is a special time”. It is included in the children’s book Since God Loves you and You Know It… Sing Out Loud!, a wonderful teaching resource for young children. 

Our Lady Lent banner is an educational resource made out of soft fleece. It is based on the Greek Lenten tradition of Kira-Sarakosti. It works like an Advent calendar, to count down the weeks from Clean Monday to Pascha.

The finished set consists of:
The banner, showing Lady Lent’s body.
– Seven feet, to be attached to the body.

Lady Lent’s feet are removable. Each Sunday of Great Lent one leg is removed and placed inside Lady’s pocket. When all the legs are gone, it is Pascha!


Free Lesson Plan

For a lesson plan to complement this teaching resource, please visit our page:
Great Lent the Holy


(See video on top of page for a quick tutorial)

There are many ways to make the banner, either sewing it or not.

Here we will demonstrate a very quick and easy way that requires no sewing, and can be done together with the children. After we cut out all the pieces, we used fabric glue to attach the pocket on Lady’s skirt and self-adhesive Velcro dots (hook and loop) to attach the legs. We used a clothes’ hanger for hanging, but you could alternatively use a hanging rod or sew/glue ribbon pieces on top.


Cut out all the banner pieces.



Spread glue all around the back side of the pocket, but not across the top. Position pocket on Lady’s skirt and press down to glue.



Stick Velcro dots on the top part of the legs (front side) and on the bottom part of Lady’s skirt (back side).



Spread glue on the top edge of the banner. Fold top part of banner over hanger and press down to glue.




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Warmest thanks to Presvytera Destinie of Ascetic Life of Motherhood for sharing wonderful photos of her sweet little children using our banner.