Our first physical – not digital – product!


We are so excited to have created our first physical – not digital – product, in collaboration with the online store St. Tabitha’s Workshop, a wonderful source for handmade, Orthodox-themed, fabric items.

It is a Lady Lent hanging banner, made out of fleece fabric, based on the Greek Lenten tradition of Kira-Sarakosti. It works like an Advent calendar, to count down the weeks from Clean Monday to Pascha.


Lady Lent’s feet are removable. Each Sunday of Great Lent one leg is removed and placed inside Lady’s pocket. When all the legs are gone, it is Pascha!


You can order a finished banner at St. Tabitha’s Workshop Etsy store or, if you like to sew, you will very soon be able to order the fabric with our design from St. Tabitha’s Spoonflower account, to cut and make your own banner.

Special thanks to Christina Romas – Connant, for giving us permission to use her poem “Easter is a special time” on the wall hanging. It is included in the children’s book Since God Loves you and You Know It… Sing Out Loud!, a wonderful teaching resource for young children. since_God_loves_you

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