Holy Week at home

Dear friends,

It’s been a while since we wrote a blog post – keeping up with social media, a blog, and email communication has proven to be too much for us. So, if you are interested in always receiving a notification when we create new content, please sign up to our email list by clicking on the button below. It seems our blogging will stay quite sporadic for the time being.

As the first ever stay-at-home Holy Week is going by, we have been creating a few home projects out of materials we had at hand. The pages describing them are not intended to be a comprehensive resource like our regular ones – we are not including the background information and printables we usually offer. Still, we feel that the projects would be useful to share right now, in case you would like to do them at home along with us.

You will find projects for Holy Monday-Wednesday on the website in the “Special Projects” section. Look out for new projects coming up on Holy Thursday and on Holy Saturday.

Warmest wishes to all for a blessed rest of Holy Week and a joyous Pascha in these challenging times!

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