A new Sunday School year begins!

Dear friends,

We were very grateful for the summer break – stepping away from Orthodox Pebbles for a while always helps us put the project into perspective and get inspired with new ideas. We are now back with many plans for the following months – may God grant us the time, abilities, patience and endurance to accomplish a few of them.

While we are working on new content, we compiled a list to remind you of our existing resources that might be useful at this time of year. Please click on the button below to access it.

Warmest wishes from both of us for a blessed ecclesiastical and academic year!
Natalie and Despina

1 thought on “A new Sunday School year begins!”

  1. Technology is fighting me today… The button didn’t work after I published the post – even though it appeared as if it were working when I was testing it. Now hopefully it does.

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