GREAT LENT CRAFT KIT TUTORIAL: Sunday of St. John Climacus

THANK YOU for your interest in our Great Lent Craft Kit! We are very excited to be taking this Christ-centered creative journey together with you. Please scroll down for a tutorial on how to make this week’s craft and for additional teaching resources.

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This craft is a three-dimensional scene inspired by the icon of the Divine Ascent.

You will need:

  • The relevant crafting templates, from our Great Lent Craft Kit.
  • Scissors and glue. Double-sided tape can be very handy but is not required.
  • The craft is designed to look pretty just as it is; however, if desired, it can be further embellished with additional materials of your choice, such as crumpled pieces of tissue paper, mini-pompoms, pipe cleaner pieces, glitter, mini crafting jewels etc.

Step 1

Cut out the template shapes.

Step 2

For easy and neat folding, score the pieces that are to be folded using a ruler and the back of a craft knife.

Step 3

Glue the two pieces of the mountain shape together as shown and then fold on the marked lines.

Step 4

Glue the steps on the ladder, then fold the top part down as marked. Fold the tab on the image of Christ as marked. Glue the ladder and the image of Christ onto the mountain shape as shown.

Step 5

Wrap the small white rectangle into a cylinder and secure with a little glue. Glue the cylinder on the back of the figure of St. John Climacus. Glue the other side of the cylinder onto the mountain so that St. John is standing upright in front of it.


The craft is designed to look pretty just as it is. However, if you wish, you can further embellish it with additional materials of your choice. Some examples are adding plants on the mountain with crumpled tissue paper or embellishing the halos with glitter and/or golden sequins.


Teaching packet

Thank you for exploring our creations!

This tutorial is part of the GREAT LENT CRAFT KIT
by Orthodox Pebbles.