GREAT LENT CRAFT KIT TUTORIAL: Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt

THANK YOU for your interest in our Great Lent Craft Kit! We are very excited to be taking this Christ-centered creative journey together with you. Please scroll down for a tutorial on how to make this week’s craft and for additional teaching resources.

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This craft is a framed image inspired by the icon of St. Mary of Egypt.

You will need:

  • The relevant crafting templates, from our Great Lent Craft Kit.
  • Scissors and glue.
  • The craft is designed to look pretty just as it is; however, if desired, it can be further embellished with additional materials of your choice, such as pieces of paper fringe, sequins, glitter, mini crafting jewels etc.

Step 1

Cut out the template shapes. Note how the frame shape is formed as a cross.

Step 2

Turn the frame shape over, and glue the image of St. Mary onto the center of the cross as shown. Make the frame border by rolling each arm of the cross around a pencil to form a cylinder. Secure the cylinders in place one-by-one. Spread some glue on both the cylinder and the background and hold the cylinder firmly in place for a few minutes, until the glue starts to dry. After the cylinder is secured in place, slightly readjust its shape with your fingers if needed.

Step 3

Give a three-dimensional look to the label by wrapping it around a pencil, one side to the opposite direction of the other.

Step 4

Glue the rest of the pieces onto the framed image: the label at the bottom, the tree foliage at the top left and right, and the blue semi-circle at the top center, securing it behind the frame. If desired, you can curl each tree leaf up a bit with the help of the pencil. You can also tape a loop made out of string or ribbon to the back of the frame for hanging.


The craft is designed to look pretty just as it is. However, if you wish, you can further embellish it with additional materials of your choice. Some examples are adding pieces of paper fringe onto the tree bark, tissue paper behind the tree foliage, decorations onto the blue semi-circle, or embellishing the halo with glitter and/or golden sequins.


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Thank you for exploring our creations!

This tutorial is part of the GREAT LENT CRAFT KIT
by Orthodox Pebbles.