THANK YOU for your interest in our Great Lent Craft Kit! We are very excited to be taking this Christ-centered creative journey together with you. Please scroll down for a tutorial on how to make this week’s craft and for additional teaching resources.

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This craft is a mobile inspired by the celebration of the Great Feast of the Entry of our Lord into Jerusalem.

You will need:

  • The relevant crafting templates, from our Great Lent Craft Kit.
  • Scissors and glue. Double-sided tape can be very handy but is not required.
  • Ribbon or string, about one yard total. The individual pieces of ribbon will be cut to lengths of your own liking.
  • The craft is designed to look pretty just as it is; however, if desired, it can be further embellished with additional materials of your choice, such as extra ribbons, pompoms, buttons etc.

Step 1

Cut out the template shapes as marked. There will be a remaining piece of the green leaf-patterned page; from that piece, cut out your own palm leaf-shaped designs, making them look any way you like. From the “Hosanna” strips, choose a light and a dark green one; cut them in half crosswise.

Step 2

Make the four crosses, working for each one as follows:

Glue one of the half “Hosanna” strips onto the back side of the bottom half of a long “Hosanna” strip. Fold the top part of the long strip over, forming a loop, and glue it exactly where the short strip ends.

  • Glue a second long strip onto the back of the first one perpendicularly, forming a cross. The second strip should be positioned onto the first strip where the loop ends and the straight part begins.
  • To finish the cross, fold the two parts of the second strip to the center, gluing them in place.
  • Thread a piece of ribbon through the top of the cross and secure with a knot. Tie a second knot at the other end of the ribbon, to help it stay in place later.
  • For two of the crosses, tape the ribbon onto the back of one of the colorful circles. Cover with the other colorful circle, sandwiching the ribbon between the two circles and gluing to secure.

Step 3

Make the top part of the mobile as follows:
Glue the two strips with the letters on them together as marked, to make one long strip. Glue the remaining green strips onto each other at the middle, perpendicularly, to make a cross.

Glue the two ends of the long strip together as marked to make a cylinder. Tape the cross on the inside of the cylinder as shown. Glue or tape the palm leaf shapes all around the inside of the cylinder.

Step 4

Tape the four crosses to the inside of the cylinder, passing the tape between their ribbon, right under the top knot. To hang the mobile, thread a piece of ribbon through the center of the top cross and tie it into a loop.


The craft is designed to look pretty just as it is. However, if you wish, you can further embellish it with additional materials of your choice. For example, you can hang additional ribbons all around with buttons or pompoms glued on them, or glue decorations like sequins or buttons onto the edges of the cylinder.


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Palm Sunday


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This tutorial is part of the GREAT LENT CRAFT KIT
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