The Nativity of Christ: Our resource collection


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Over the years, we managed to assemble a substantial collection of material for creatively exploring the Nativity of Christ. We are including links to everything in this page for easy reference.

The Nativity of Christ – fabric learning set

Our fabric learning set is a hands-on tool for teaching the Great Feast of the Holy Nativity and the details of the Orthodox icon. It is made out of soft fleece and it is used like a felt board. It includes a storage pocket and it can be folded up when not in use.


This was the second animation video we created using our illustrations. It has been purposefully left with no narration, so it can be viewed in any language.

Lesson plan

Extensive background and printables for teaching the Nativity of Christ.


Craft: Nativity mobile

Use our printables to create a Nativity mobile, then hang it and watch the scene come alive in three dimensions.


Craft: 3D Nativity Scene

A fun crafty project for more experienced crafters.


Craft: DIY Orthodox Christmas cards

Using original Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons, we created printables for making our own Christmas cards. Detailed instructions and materials are provided to make five different beautiful designs.


Special project: Christmas cards for Orthodox prisoners

In our Sunday School class, we have been making Christmas cards for Orthodox prisoners, which we have been sending to the Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry. Learn all about this project and use our printables to easily create your own cards.


And last but not least…

Saint Nicholas Archbishop of Myra


Hands-on activities to use if you will be discussing Santa Claus this Christmas, and would like to help the children differentiate between this secular custom and the real Saint Nicholas.

We are very grateful for your support and really appreciate your help in spreading the word about our work. Our warmest wishes to all for a blessed Nativity and a healthy, peaceful and happy New Year!


Special thanks to the Department of Religious Education of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and to iconographer Athanasius Clark, for allowing us to use the Nativity icon in our material.

We are grateful to Matushka Robin Freeman, Director of Music of St Vladimir’s Theological Orthodox Seminary, for her kind permission to use the Kontakion of the Nativity from the CD “St Vladimir’s Live: The Chorale and Octet in Concert” rel. 2013 in our animation. Many thanks also go to Pavlos Dovas from FM Records (Athens, Greece) and the artist Lenka Peskou for their kind permission to use her instrumental version of the Byzantine traditional Christmas carol from the CD “50 Greek Carols: The Instrumentals” rel. 2016.