The Nativity of Christ: Fabric Learning Set

to purchase the DIY Fabric Learning Set from “St. Tabitha’s Workshop” online store, for a very quick and simple DIY project. Please scroll down for a DIY tutorial.

This is a product from our collaboration with St. Tabitha’s Workshop, an Orthodox-focused online fabric shop.

Our learning set is an act-out educational resource made out of soft fleece. It teaches the Nativity of Christ in a hands-on, Orthodox-focused way, helping the children better understand the events and theology of this Great Feast.

It consists of:
Eleven learning pieces.
– A background mat, which can also be used to store the pieces.


Using this learning set, the children will be exposed to the Orthodox icon of the Nativity of Christ and its various storytelling layers. Acting out the different scenes, they will have the chance to get familiar with the following Orthodox concepts:

  • According to Orthodoxy, through the Incarnation of God the whole of creation acquired new meaning and potential.
  • At the Nativity, representatives of the whole created world gave thanks to God by offering something to the newborn Christ.
  • The icon and Kontakion of the Nativity both tell the story of Christ’s birth.
  • The two are closely connected – the icon visually represents what is verbally described in the Kontakion.
  • In the icon, we observe a variety of scenes that seem to occur at the same time but, in reality, happened at separate times.
  • Every object in the icon has deep theological meaning and all elements have a scriptural reference from the Bible and the Holy Tradition.

Free Lesson Plan

For a lesson plan to complement this learning set, including an animation video, please visit our page: A lesson on the Nativity of Christ.

Please note:

This is an educational resource to help teach Orthodox Christian children. Please be mindful when using, washing or storing it, since it depicts holy objects and images inspired by icons, which in real life are treated with reverence. Finished item not suitable for children under three years old.


For a very easy DIY project, our fabric can be ordered from “St. Tabitha’s Workshop” online fabric shop, to cut and make your own learning set. The preparation mostly involves cutting the pieces, all the instructions are printed on the fabric, and there is very little to no sewing required.

Below we demonstrate a very quick and easy way that requires no sewing, and can be done together with the kids. After we cut out all the pieces, we used fabric glue to attach the pocket. An even easier option is to skip using the pocket altogether, and just roll up the pieces inside the background mat for storage.



You can find this and our other DIY Fabric Learning Sets at St. Tabitha’s Workshop, an Orthodox-focused online store specializing in fabric items.


Cut out all the pieces following the instructions on the fabric.


Fold the pocket to the back of the mat.


Spread fabric glue on the edges of the inside of the pocket except the top.


Glue the pocket on the back of the background mat.


Place a heavy object over the glued pocket and let stand for 1-2 hours, or until completely dry.


To store the pieces after using, place them inside the pocket. Roll the pocket inside the rest of the mat. Secure with a ribbon.

You can staple the ribbon on the edge of the mat so it stays connected to the mat when it is opened.


Instead of using the pocket for storage, place the learning pieces on the mat, roll the mat up, and secure with a ribbon.


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