Worldwide Pascha Exchange 2023

If you would like to participate with your class or homeschool group, please click on the button below.

Let’s get together to celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection – all around the world!

MARCH 11, 2023

Through the Orthodox Pebbles project, we feel blessed to have formed connections with Orthodox Christian homeschoolers and educators around the world. This gave us the idea of organizing an Orthodox worldwide Pascha exchange!

It’s a simple project which shouldn’t take much of our class time, but it can have a big impact. How fun would it be if, when we resumed classes after the Pascha break, we got to open Pascha packets or access digital wishes and gifts from our Orthodox friends around the world? We could combine this activity with a discussion about the universal significance of the Resurrection and how the Gospel is read in different languages during the Agape Vespers. This would definitely be a Pascha lesson to remember!

How will this exchange work?

You will sign up by providing some information about the group of children you are teaching. We will sort through the registered groups, and match each one to 2 other groups, trying to connect groups in different parts of the world – if we can’t find enough groups in different countries, we will connect groups within the same country.

Each group will then have to prepare one Pascha packet for each of their assigned groups. The packet can be a real, physical packet to be sent by post, a digital packet of any form (document, images, audio, video) to be shared in any digital way that is agreed upon as mutually convenient, or a combination of the above. Each group leader will communicate with their matched leaders directly, as to what exactly they will be sharing and how.

**PRIVACY NOTE: It goes without saying that we will not share any of the information you provide with anyone else, except the group leaders we will be matching you with.**

How will I know what my assigned groups are?

A few days after the sign-up deadline, we will email each group leader with the relevant information.

What will each packet include?

Whatever you like! It can be a Pascha greeting card, drawings or little notes from the children, audio, video, photos… It would be wonderful if there was something about the local Pascha traditions, which are different in every part of the world.

To help out, we created a printable packet with a letter template and greeting cards. However, you are not required to use it – you can use any materials you wish.

Printing problems? PLEASE CLICK HERE

When should I mail the packets?

If you are using snail mail, it is best to prepare and mail the packets as soon as possible after you receive your assigned group information, so there is enough time for them to reach their destination. For digital items there is more time.

What should I do after I send the packets?

You just get to sit and wait! Within some time, you should receive the packets from your assigned groups.

Can I keep communicating with my assigned groups?

Of course! We will match you for the Pascha exchange, but it is up to you to decide if and how you would like to stay connected with your assigned groups.

What if I did it last year? Will I have the same assigned groups?

Last year, we are grateful to have had over 100 participating groups! It is not easy for us to compare each combination and make sure that, this year, you are or aren’t assigned the same ones. Therefore, you may, or may not be assigned some or all of the same groups as last year. We will try to match groups that are similar in age and size and are as diverse as possible in their ethnic background.

We can’t wait to celebrate the Feast of Feasts with our new friends around the world!