The Entrance of the Theotokos: DIY Fabric Learning Set

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Our fabric learning sets were originally developed in collaboration with St. Tabitha’s Workshop, an online fabric and fabric item store specializing in Orthodox Christian products.

What do you mean by “DIY”?

The set comes as one 18′′ x 29′′ piece of soft fleece fabric. The finished set can be made very easily by cutting out the pieces. An optional storage pocket is included, which can be sewn or glued. We are offering detailed tutorials for making each finished set as well as exclusive printable activities for a rich religious education experience.

Our learning set is an act-out educational resource made out of soft fleece. It teaches the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple in a hands-on, Orthodox-focused way, helping the children better understand the events and theology of this Great Feast.

It consists of:
Eight learning pieces.
– A background mat, which can also be used to store the pieces.


Acting out the scene of the Feast, the children will have the chance to get familiar with the story, become exposed to the symbolism of the icon, and internalize the following concepts and facts:

  • As mentioned on the troparion of the day, The Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple is the prelude of God’s plan for our Salvation.
  • Every object in the icon has theological meaning and all elements have a scriptural reference based on the Holy Tradition.
  • The young Theotokos, depicted as a small-sized adult, is eagerly walking towards the entrance of the Temple, where she is greeted by St. Zacharias, the High Priest. She is accompanied by her parents, Ss. Joachim and Anna, and by a retinue of young maidens.
  • Τhe Theotokos is also pictured seated at the top of a tall tower and being handed food by an angel; this depicts the Holy-of-Holies, where the Theotokos remained for many years, until she was betrothed to St. Joseph.
  • In the icon, as is common in Orthodox iconography, we observe the two above scenes as if they are occuring at the same time even though they didn’t happen simultaneously.

Free Lesson Plan

For a lesson plan to complement this learning set, please visit our page:
The Entrance of the Theotokos

Please note:

This is an educational resource to help teach Orthodox Christian children. Please be mindful when using, washing or storing it, since it depicts holy objects and images inspired by icons, which in real life are treated with reverence. The finished item is not suitable for children under three years old and should be used with adult supervision.


Making your own learning set is a very easy DIY project. The preparation mostly involves cutting the pieces, all the instructions are printed on the fabric, and, depending on your preference, there is very little or no sewing required.

DIY Tutorial

For a detailed tutorial on how to make our fabric learning sets, please click the button below.


To store the pieces, place them inside the pocket. Roll the pocket inside the rest of the mat. Secure with a ribbon.


Place the learning pieces on the mat, roll the mat up, and secure with a ribbon.