HOLY WEEK: Printable resources

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What does the printable packet include?

The packet contains teaching material to help explore the Eastern Orthodox Holy Week. It can be combined with our Holy Week Craft Kit or with our Holy Week project suggestions, as well as with our Holy Week digital activities. Please scroll down for an overview of the included printable resources.

Holy Week Flapbook Planner

We are offering two versions of the planner, for younger and older children. The cover is common for all ages, but the bottom page is different. An illustrated bottom page is provided for younger children, and a blank one for the older ones, where they get to fill in the information themselves.

How to make the planner

Print out the desired planner pages, using the “Borderless” printing option to avoid white margins. Fold the top page along the long edges of the gray rectangle. Cut along the dotted lines, stopping at the edge of the gray rectangle.

Glue the top page onto the center of the bottom page. Ready! Lift the flap to reveal the main theme of each day.

Holy Week Cards

Use the cards to help the children learn the main theme of each day. They can be used like flashcards, in which case the child looks at a card and has to say the matching phrase (e.g. “Holy Monday” –> “The withered fig tree” – or vice versa). They can also be used for a game of Memory: the cards are placed face-down, and the children take turns flipping two cards over, trying to make up matching pairs.

Fact sheets and worksheet

We are offering one illustrated page for each day, where the child can learn about the main theme, the Gospel story, the icon and troparion. We are also offering a worksheet that can be completed with the help of each fact sheet to facilitate learning. They can all be collected into a binder or folder together with the planner, to make a complete teaching unit on the Eastern Orthodox Holy Week.

If you find digital activities useful, don’t miss our Holy Week digital teaching resources.