This tutorial page is part of the HOLY WEEK CRAFT KIT created by Orthodox Pebbles.

THANK YOU for purchasing the Orthodox Pebbles Holy Week Craft Kit! We are very excited to be doing this Christ-centered creative journey together with you. Please scroll down for some background on today’s theme and for a tutorial on how to do today’s craft.

On the Great and Holy Feast of Pascha, Orthodox Christians celebrate the life-giving Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This feast of feasts is the most significant day in the life of the Church. “Christ is risen!” – “He is truly risen!” is the customary salutation of the day, and Orthodox Christians keep greeting each other in this way for forty days after Pascha Sunday.

Bible reading
Mark 16: 1-8
John 1: 1-17

This most important Feast is traditionally celebrated with a variety of customs, different ones for Orthodox Christians of different ethnic backgrounds. However, a custom common to all Orthodox Christians is the cracking of red eggs. Hard-boiled eggs have been dyed a bright red color on Holy Thursday, red symbolizing the blood of our Lord that was shed on the Cross. On Pascha Sunday, each person chooses a red egg and cracks it against the egg of another person. While doing this they exclaim : “Christ is risen!” – “He is truly risen!” The person whose egg remains intact is the winner. The cracking of the red eggs symbolizes the opening of the Tomb and the Resurrection of our Lord.

Another common Orthodox custom is to light a special celebratory candle during the Divine Liturgy of Pascha Sunday. The Pascha candle (lambada/λαμπάδα in Greek) is often elaborately decorated, especially when it is meant to be used by children. In Greece where we originate from, this candle is traditionally white – in contrast to the yellow candles one finds in church on regular days – and it is the duty of the godparents to provide their godchild with one. The Pascha candle is also lit on the service of the Vespers of Agape, usually celebrated in the United States on Pascha Sunday morning (in Greece the Agape Vespers is celebrated on Pascha Sunday evening).

Today’s craft is an elaborately decorated Pascha candle made out of paper.

Paper Pascha candle

You will need:

  • The printed templates provided in the kit (three pages)
  • The sturdy sheet of white paper provided in the kit
  • The ribbon provided in the kit
  • A pair of scissors
  • Scotch tape


Cut the white paper into long, narrow strips, about 4.5″ wide. Roll one strip into a thin roll and tape closed. Cut decorations out of the templates in any way you like, and also cut out the flame shape. Decorate the “candle” as desired, also using the provided ribbon if you like. With the scissors, snap two slits on the top part of the candle. Slide the flame shape into the two slits. Ready!


We have also created a Holy Week planner, extra activities and a lesson plan for Pascha Sunday that we are offering on our website for free.

Pascha fabric learning set

In addition to the above material, we have created a hands-on teaching resource made out of soft fleece fabric that is used like a felt board to help explore fundamental Pascha concepts and traditions.