The lapbook is separated into sections, one section for each Sunday of Great Lent. The student can work on the lapbook gradually, aiming to have it finished by Palm Sunday evening. This is the sixth and final entry, completing the whole lapbook.

On the sixth Great Lent lapbooking week, we are preparing three lapbook elements which are placed on the right flap.



Your lapbook from the previous weeks.
If you haven’t started it, please go back to…

You will also need scissors, glue, a hole puncher, and a paper fastener (brad), preferably a mini brad.

Our teaching resources

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Fan book

This lapbook element helps explore the Gospel accounts of the Triumphant Entry of our Lord into Jerusalem.

Learning activity

The Triumphant Entry of our Lord into Jerusalem is described in all four Gospel Books. On each piece, the child writes the relevant verses from each Gospel. It is best to read each story and compare the different accounts. This activity can be skipped for younger children.

Pocket and cards

This activity helps discuss the icon of the Feast.

Learning activity

On the back of each card, the child briefly describes the part of the icon that is shown on the front. Alternatively, they can draw a picture.

Accordion T-book

This activity helps reflect on the celebration of Palm Sunday throughout the world.

Learning activity

On each of the four parts of the mini book, the child writes or draws a picture of different ways in which Palm Sunday is celebrated around the world. If desired, the focus can only be on Orthodox countries – or you can choose to explore how Palm Sunday is universally celebrated by all Christians. Helpful links can be found at the Background section of our lesson plan on Palm Sunday (see buttons at the top of the page).

A blessed Palm Sunday and Holy Week to all!

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