The lapbook is separated into sections, one section for each Sunday of Great Lent. The student can work on the lapbook gradually, aiming to have it completed by Palm Sunday evening.

On the first Great Lent lapbooking week, we are initially preparing the lapbook. Then we are working on two kinds of elements:

  • Review elements, to be used throughout Great Lent – they are placed on the left flap and on the back of the lapbook.
  • Elements on the first Sunday of Great Lent, Sunday of Orthodoxy – placed on the top side of the extension flap.



A file folder, a piece of card stock about 9″ x 12″, scissors, glue, tape, and a stapler.

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Construct the lapbook

The Great Lent lapbook is made out of one file folder, refolded to open like window shutters. There is also an extension flap in the center made out of a separate piece of card stock, taped onto the top of the folder (packing tape was used in the photo).

Make the cover

Cut the cover image all around, then, down the middle of the cover image, mark the shape of the folder opening with a pencil. Cut the image in half down the middle, following the shape of the folder front cover. Glue onto the cover.


Make the Great Lent planner

The planner is made out of two pages: top and bottom. Cut both pages all around on the solid lines. On the back of the folder, glue the bottom planner page. Cut the top page along the horizontal lines without cutting through the grey title rectangle; fold along the long rectangle edges. Glue the grey rectangle over the planner bottom page.

Learning activity

The child has to open up each flap and write about (or draw a picture of) what is celebrated on each Great Lent Sunday.

Left flap

On the left flap of the lapbook there are three items, to be used for review throughout Great Lent. They consist of:

  • A pocket to hold cards of the icons, one for each Sunday.
  • A pocket to hold cards of the troparia, one for each Sunday.
  • A pocket of labels, one for each Sunday.

Learning activities

On each troparion card, the student gets to copy the whole of the troparion or a part of it. For younger children, the troparia can be skipped altogether. To study, the child can try to sort the icons in the correct order, then match them to the labels and/or the troparia. The cards can also be used to play the classic game of Memory: Icons and troparia are mixed together and flipped over. The player then has to make pairs out of the icon and troparia cards.

Extension flap, top side

We are preparing three mini-books to work on Sunday of Orthodoxy:

  • A triangle petal book to discuss who is depicted on holy icons.
  • A trifold book to discuss ways in which we venerate holy icons.
  • A six-section layer book to work on how to tell different types of Saints in icons.

Learning activities

  • Who do holy icons show?
    The student writes one answer on each petal.
  • Ways to venerate icons:
    The student writes one answer on each part of the trifold.
  • Saints – How can we tell them apart?
    For each type of Saint, the student writes what the Saint wears, holds, and any other characteristics.

* Younger children can draw pictures instead of writing.

A blessed Sunday of Orthodoxy to all!

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