Holy Week: Teaching Resources

We have collected a variety of resources to help plan effective lessons on Holy Week. Please see below.


One way to plan a Holy Week lesson using our resources would be:

  • Use the slidewshow found in the digital activities to present each day of Holy Week.
  • Have the children make the planner found in the printable packet, while discussing each day’s theme.
  • If time allows, work on one or more of the fact sheet – worksheet combinations from the printable packet, to reinforce learning about specific days.
  • Use the cards from the printable packet to play a game, reinforcing memorization of the day-theme combinations.
  • Finish with one or more crafts while, again, discussing the relevant theme(s).

Printable packet

Planner, fact sheets, worksheets, and flashcards.

Digital activities

Holy Week slideshow and games for online learning.

Crafting tutorials

A collection of creative projects for every day of the Holy Week.

Holy Week info

Background information to help teach about Holy Week.

Pascha lesson plan

A lesson plan to teach about Pascha – includes animation video.

Pascha fabric set

A hands-on teaching resource made out of soft fleece.


External links to a variety of useful Holy Week resources.