Holy Monday teaching resources

Dear friends,

We have gradually collected a lot of Holy Week content on the Orthodox Pebbles website, and it’s getting a bit hard to navigate. We thought it would be helpful to include everything that you can use for teaching today in the easy-to-access list below.

Printable packet
Includes planner, flashcards, a worksheet and a fact sheet.

Free craft and hands-on activity
Make a paper oil lamp and a working oil lamp out of a citrus fruit.

Holy Week Craft Kit tutorial of the day
If you own our Holy Week Craft Kit, the crafting instructions for Holy Monday are on this page.

Digital activities
A slideshow and a digital matching game for the whole of Holy Week.

Background information
Summarized information and curated helpful links for the instructor. Explore the Orthodox service of this evening, learn about the Bridegroom icon, and about ancient oil lamps.

A blessed Holy Monday to all!

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