The lapbook is separated into sections, one section for each Sunday of Great Lent. The student can work on the lapbook gradually, aiming to have it completed by Palm Sunday evening.

On the fourth Great Lent lapbooking week, we are preparing two lapbook elements, which are placed on the left and top right sides of the middle flap.

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Your lapbook from the previous weeks.
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You will also need scissors, glue, a hole puncher, and a paper fastener (brad), preferably a mini brad.

Our teaching resources

Trifold flap book

The flap book helps explore the virtues, contrasting them to a corresponding passion.

Learning activity

On the outside of each flap, the child writes a virtue. On the opposite side, s/he writes a corresponding passion. Then s/he opens the flaps and writes a short example from real life. There is also a three-flap option for younger children. It is for working on only three virtues and, if desired, offers enough space to draw pictures instead of writing.

Fan book

This lapbook element helps explore the life of St. John Climacus.

Learning activity

On each piece, the child writes (or draws a picture of) a characteristic of St. John Climacus or a fact from his life. Examples: St. John Climacus… lived in the 7th century / was a monk / wrote the Ladder / taught us about the virtues.

A blessed Sunday of St. John Climacus to all!

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