New teaching unit: The Holy Mysteries – and our seasonal resources

Dear friends,

For a long time, we have been wanting to work on a teaching unit on the Holy Mysteries, as they are a fundamental part of an Orthodox Christian’s life. We are now so happy to have finished with the first phase of this endeavor!

It has definitely been one of the most demanding topics we have dealt with, on many fronts: trying to pare down the abundant information to the essentials, as we were researching and writing the text; preparing numerous illustrations that, despite being based on real life and not on icons as usual, would still be consistent with the Orthodox Pebbles look and feel; coming up with interesting hands-on activities to convey abstract concepts and ideas.

We are now excited to be offering the following teaching recources:

  • An initial lesson plan, presenting the concept of a “mystery”, and introducing the seven Holy Mysteries.
  • Two subsequent lesson plans, one on Holy Baptism and one on Holy Chrismation.

Please click on the button below to access our completed teaching material on the Holy Mysteries.

Our plan for the following couple of months is to offer an individual lesson plan for every Mystery – we have already started working on the remaining ones. Natalie is also designing a new craft kit on the Holy Mysteries, to accompany the free lesson plans – so please stay tuned!

We have done our best to make teaching the Holy Mysteries an engaging and meaningful process, both for the teacher and for the students. Even though this topic is not a seasonal one, we sincerely hope you will choose to teach it, using our new creations. A seasonal way to start with it could be to follow up on a lesson on Holy Theophany.

Our resources for the Nativity season

Please find below a list of our existing resources for the Nativity season:

Old Testament Connections

Free lesson plan: Explore nine Old Testament stories and their hidden connections to the New Testament according to the theology of the Orthodox Church. Crafts, worksheets and background information.

A different Jesse Tree

Free lesson plan: Background and teaching resources for an Orthodox approach to the popular Jesse Tree tradition of the Nativity season.

Craft kit: A different Jesse Tree

This teaching resource complements our two free lesson plans above and it consists of crafting templates and a pack of cards. Create a 3D Jesse tree based on the relevant Orthodox icon, and play games to reinforce the Old Testament stories, concepts and connections explored in our free Jesse Tree lesson plans.

Saint Nicholas, Archbishop of Myra, the Wonder-worker

Free lesson plan: Creative activities, worksheets and background information for teaching about the Saint.


The Nativity of Christ: Our resource collection

Free lesson plans: An extensive collection of creative resources for exploring the Nativity of our Lord.


The Nativity of Christ: Fabric Learning Set

A hands-on teaching resource made out of soft fleece fabric to help teach about the Feast.

Play Dough Learning Mats: The Nativity of Christ

A tactile, sensory activity to help teach the theology and icon of this Great Feast.

Saint Basil the Great

Free lesson plan: Hands-on activities to teach about this greatly beloved Saint.

Holy Theophany and the Blessing of the Waters

Free lesson plan: Analog and digital activities for teaching about the Feast. This lesson could also work as a seasonal introduction to the Holy Mysteries teaching unit.

Holy Theophany DIY fabric learning set

A hands-on teaching resource made out of soft fleece fabric to help teach about the Feast.

We are extending our warmest wishes to all of you, for a fruitful Nativity fast, and a blessed Nativity season!

With love in Christ,
Natalie and Despina

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