Make-your-own Lady Lent banner

Dear friends,

We are so grateful for the warm welcome our Lady Lent Wall Hanging Banner had these past few days! St. Tabitha’s Workshop Etsy store has sold out of finished banners right now – but you can still buy a piece of our fabric to make the banner yourself; a very quick and easy DIY project that requires little to no sewing. The fabric can be found at “St. Tabitha’s Workshop” Spoonflower shop.



There are many ways to make the banner, either sewing it or not.

Here we will demonstrate a very quick and easy way that requires no sewing. After you cut out all the pieces, you can use fabric glue to attach the pocket on Lady’s skirt and self-adhesive Velcro dots (hook and loop) to attach the legs. We have used a clothes’ hanger for hanging, but you could alternatively use a hanging rod or staple ribbon loops on top.


Order fabric.

fabric_380For one banner, you will need to order a “fat quarter” of fabric. For multiple banners, change the amount to yard and indicate how many yards you wish to order – the display will change to show what will be printed.

We recommend using fleece fabric, as it is sturdy, doesn’t fray, and is soft and cuddly for the little ones.


Cut out all the banner pieces.



Spread glue all around the back side of the pocket, but not across the top. Position pocket on Lady’s skirt and press down to glue.



Stick Velcro dots on the top part of the legs (front side) and on the bottom part of Lady’s skirt (back side).



Spread glue on the top edge of the banner. Fold top part of banner over hanger and press down to glue.





Please note: We do not receive any financial compensation for the external links that we mention in our posts. We are only including them to share our experience and to make it easier for the reader, if interested, to find the products we used.


Our first physical – not digital – product!


We are so excited to have created our first physical – not digital – product, in collaboration with the online store St. Tabitha’s Workshop, a wonderful source for handmade, Orthodox-themed, fabric items.

It is a Lady Lent hanging banner, made out of fleece fabric, based on the Greek Lenten tradition of Kira-Sarakosti. It works like an Advent calendar, to count down the weeks from Clean Monday to Pascha.


Lady Lent’s feet are removable. Each Sunday of Great Lent one leg is removed and placed inside Lady’s pocket. When all the legs are gone, it is Pascha!


You can order a finished banner at St. Tabitha’s Workshop Etsy store or, if you like to sew, you will very soon be able to order the fabric with our design from St. Tabitha’s Spoonflower account, to cut and make your own banner.

Special thanks to Christina Romas – Connant, for giving us permission to use her poem “Easter is a special time” on the wall hanging. It is included in the children’s book Since God Loves you and You Know It… Sing Out Loud!, a wonderful teaching resource for young children. since_God_loves_you


The Parable of the Prodigal Son – and a quick preview!


Dear friends,

If you will be teaching young children about the Parable of the Prodigal Son this weekend, don’t miss our creative teaching material – includes a short video animation based on the Orthodox icon to make storytelling easier.


Additionally… a sneak peek!

We are super excited, as we are getting ready to launch our first physical – not digital – product. Details to follow soon; please stay tuned!


We wish you all a blessed and fruitful Triodion period,
The Orthodox Pebbles team


The Nativity of Christ: Our full resource collection

Over the past year, we have managed to assemble a substantial collection of material for creatively exploring the Nativity of Christ. Don’t miss it!


This was the second animation video we created using our illustrations. It has been purposefully left with no narration, so it can be viewed in any language.

Lesson material

Extensive background and printables for teaching the Nativity of Christ.



Craft: Nativity mobile

Use our printables to create a Nativity mobile, then hang it and watch the scene come alive in three dimensions.


Craft: 3D Nativity Scene

A fun crafty project for experienced crafters.



We felt grateful and blessed to see our printables from this project used in another creative way, at the Sunday School of the Monastery of Saints Sergius and Herman of Valaam in Atlantic, Mine, Michigan! 47139477_157253611905761_6877520066212010275_n

Craft: DIY Orthodox Christmas cards

Using original Byzantine and post-Byzantine icons, we created printables for making our own Christmas cards. Detailed instructions and materials are provided to make five different beautiful designs.


Special project: Christmas cards for Orthodox prisoners

In our Sunday School class, and for a number of years, we have been making Christmas cards for Orthodox prisoners, which we have been sending to the Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry. Learn all about this project and use our printables to easily create your own cards for a group of children.


And last but not least…


Saint Nicholas Archbishop of Myra


We created a resource page with many creative activities to use if you will be discussing Santa Claus this Christmas, and would like to help the children differentiate between this secular custom and the real Saint Nicholas.

We are very grateful for your support and really appreciate your help in spreading the word about our work. Our warmest wishes to all for a blessed Nativity and a healthy, peaceful and happy New Year!

In Christ,
The Orthodox Pebbles team


November Saints – Our first page on monthly Saints is here!


This year, we have decided to devote a big part of the resources we will be creating to Orthodox Saints. Don’t miss our fun and inspirational activities for teaching young children about Orthodox Saints celebrated in November –  tried and proven to be effective in our own classrooms. They work equally well with the new or the old calendar.




Saints of November, please pray for us!

In Christ,
The Orthodox Pebbles team


Start the season with Holy Cross resources


We are feverishly preparing for the start of the Sunday School season, but were still able to create some resources for the Feast of Exaltation of the Cross. We hope you can use them to kick off the year.

Additionally, don’t miss our previous page on the Holy Cross, with extra printables and interactive activities.


May we all have the blessing of our Lord as we embark, once again, on this adventurous journey.

In Christ,
The Orthodox Pebbles team